Hair Styles for Short Hair | NEXT

Are you brave enough to wear short hair? It has been said that women who wear short hair are very confident in their looks and image. After viewing all the short hair styles pictures below, it can be said that all of these women exude confidence and exhibit very stylish short hair styles.

Some women are well-suited for short hair styles, as seen below with recent photos across various forms of media. Some say that shorter hair styles require more time to style and maintain, especially when lots of shorter layers are added.

It appears that the shagged short hair styles with sharp edges is phasing out and the graduated cut with flexible layers is in. Some women alternate their short hair styles between slicked back to curly to wearing it straight.

These hair styles for short hair vary in length just at the neck line and above the neckline.

Short HairVictoria Beckham Short Hair Styles with Layers

The secret ingredient to a stylish short cut is long layers. The longer the layers, the better the style looks. It has the appearance of a long style when it really isn't.

Victoria's hairstyle sat beautifully to compliment her face. The back is tapered into the nape of her neck, while the side and top layers are jagged cut to maintain a wispy finish to the edges.